Creation Partnership



Together, we can create something special. 

Do you have a cause that is dear to your heart?

Would you like help creating a product line but do not know where to begin?

  When we first started in this business back in 2008, our initial product offerings were finished jewelry. The designs were new to most shoppers and they did not sell well at first. We had bought them in Brazil at native markets and personally loved the designs. Even though this jewelry was not a big hit off the bat, we soon begin to receive repeat orders from jewelry designers. After asking questions and finding out what they were doing with the jewelry, we realized our jewelry components were unique to the rest of the world and so the bead business began.

Ironically after much success in the bead business, we have had a resurgence back to finished pieces and now work with organization around the world with their jewelry lines. Here is how we can help with your cause or new business venture.

How We Can Help

Do you need help deciding which direction to go with project? We can help with something as simple as a single piece of jewelry to a full line.
Having worked on designs with some of the largest retailers in both The United States and Europe, we can help you come up with ideas that will sell. Our designs can be found in department stores and large chain stores across the world. We can help you do the same.
Stuck on finding quality components? Do you have your own idea that you wish to mass produce? We can help. We work with both domestic and international manufacturers of all sizes. We have single artists to full-scale production lines that are able to produce thousands of pieces per day. If you have tried your hand at sourcing components and manufacturer's, you know that this is not an easy task. We have worked hard to put together a team that we can both trust and depend on.
Want your own brand? Want to let the world know who you are but have a limited budget? We have a simple to understand program that will help you build your business on a solid foundation. It will show you the to do and not to do's when you start your business and how to maintain a steady growth once you have customers.
Depending on your company size, you may need help with getting your product to your customers. We work with a few fulfillment houses that can take this off your hands and free you up to run and grow your business. If you are not sure if you need help with this, then you don't. When the time comes, you will know.