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This question has been the most frequently asked question we have received over the years. Even though most people want a cut and dry answer, there really is not one. Do we know most of our artists and spend time with them at their homes? Do we make surprise visits to our artists in other countries to see what goes on behind the scenes? Do we oversee most stages of the process to make sure no one is being taken advantage of somewhere along the way? The answer is yes with the brands we have. The problem with the question is it is virtually impossible to claim fair trade unless you are watching all stages of the process 24 hours a day. Just like any relationship, we spend time with our artist families watching how they treat each other and others around them. We demand that the business owners pay good wages and then we prod to find out what workers are being paid. We then find that most are excited to be making a living that is better than most of their friends and other family members. We bring tools and gifts to let them to show our appreciation. So, for us, we feel proud of our efforts to help insure fair wages. We have laughed over the years though to watch customers so emphatic about using only free trade items and then purchasing findings, cording or other components which were produced in China or other countries with bad work place ethics. We have sold to large companies that have organizations built entirely on the premises of being fair trade, but personally know some of their sources and know how dishonest and unfair they really are. If you feel passionate about this subject, make sure products you produce are done so to the benefit of everyone you come in contact with. The trend of Fair Trade has done a tremendous amount of good for many people around the world. It has also been a tag line that others have used only to better there brand and bottom line. Want fair trade, trade fairly. Be an example to your suppliers, customers, friends and family. Like the old saying, "Charity starts at home", so why not trade fair and you can proudly say "I practice fair trade".  
If you have a store credit or refund due you, most are processed within a few days. Feel free to contact us if you are do one and the wait has been longer than 48 hours.
Returns and Exchanges are a part of all of our lives. Sometimes it does not fit, the color is wrong, or we just don't like it.  We understand and ultimately want you to be a happy customer and will work with you to make sure your shopping experience is a happy one. In turn, we ask you to please take your time when reading a product listing, and ask questions ahead of time if you are concerned if the item will work for your project. You can follow this link for complete details on our return policy.
Inventory items can change sometimes in a matter of minutes. For that reason, there may be times when you place an order and while processing, we find the product is out of stock or maybe the quality of the remaining items are not up to our standards to ship out. When this happens, we will contact you and give you the option of waiting until the item returns to stock or we will ask if you wish to be refunded. If the item is marked as out of stock, you can contact us and let us know of your interest in the product. We can then put your on a waiting list and contact you once we have the product back in stock. If you feel you need a large quantity of a certain product for a large project or order, just let us know and we will work with you on bulk pricing if possible.