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buddha pendantbuddha pendantbuddha pendantbuddha pendantbuddha pendant

Serenity Buddha Pendant with Sterling Silver Bezel


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Serenity Buddha : Beautiful Hand Carved Buddha Pendant with Sterling Silver Bezel, 25x57mm, ready to wear / Totem, Inspirational Charms, Protection Pendants, Hindu, Yogi Jewelry

Fabulous hand carved Serenity Buddha Pendant with a beautiful silver work. Each pendant is unique and the workmanship is top notch! The pendant is 25mm wide and 57mm tall including hanging hole. It is made from vintage materials (fossilized walrus bone) and sterling silver and is 100% made by hand and very light weight. Designed in the USA and made in Bali from the finest materials. The item will ship with one Deer Suede Leather strap that can be used if desired in a kraft jewelry box. The focus in this listing is the pendant and it is not a finished necklace! Thanks!

Meaning and Usage: This pendant is for people who are either looking for peace and clam in their lives, or for those who wish to improve their own meditation skills. People will often buy a Meditation Buddha statue if they want to set up a “serenity room” or a corner of their house where they can sit in calm for a little while and unwind, in this case you can take this “Serenity Buddha” everywhere with you.

In this pose, the Buddha is depicted with both hands in the lap, face up, and the legs are crossed, either in a Double Lotus pose (with the ankles of each leg tucked behind one another in a locked position), or in a Single Lotus pose (where one leg rests on top of the other leg). Occasionally, an alms bowl is placed in the lap as well. As this statue generally represents focused concentration, the eyes of the Buddha are either depicted as halfway closed, or closed nearly all the way. The silhouette of the statue is shaped – more or less – like a triangle, which represents stability.

Material: vintage – fossilized walrus bone
Quantity: 1 piece
Size: 25mm wide x 57mm tall x 7mm thick and bezel hanging hole is 3x7mm (inner dimensions)

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✤ Keep in Mind:
Handmade items may vary in texture, shape, color and finish and may have some imperfections which make them apart from machine factory made beads. Make sure to read description and see pictures before purchasing and if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Please note that, all my items are photographed up close and personal, so that you can see their beautiful details. Some items may appear large than real size, so please check the measurements carefully to avoid any confusion. Though, we work hard to photograph them as close to the real color, keep in mind that lightning, props and background may cause a difference on the color. Color will also vary from monitor to monitor.

✪ Props not included;
✪ Not a toy, not intended for use by, or in products intended for children 14 or under. May be harmful if swallowed.

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