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Cotton Candy Mix Acai Beads, Organic Beads from the Amazon / Pink, Blue, Purple


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Acai Beads in Cotton Candy Magic Mix: Real Acai Beads, Acai Seeds / Organic Beads, Natural Seeds, Eco-Beads, South American Beads / Jewelry and Craft Supplies / Pink, Blue, Purple

What a fun mix! We all love Cotton Candy and this Acai Beads Mix is absolutely beautiful with vibrant pastel colors that will brighten up your day. This Acai Beads mix has Aqua-Baby Blue, Hot Pink and Purple Berry Acai Beads bringing a magical touch to your jewelry.

Our Acai Beads are 100% natural, organic, sustainable and handmade by Lilly’s family and two families of artisans in Brazil. Acai beads feel absolutely amazing in the hands; the size and density are perfect for jewelry making. They’re around 10mm diameter, but size will vary slightly from one another due to the fact these are natural beads and the size is related to the raining season in the Amazon.

Size: Acai beads will vary depending on the rainning season – average batches are coming in 8-10mm diameter with some smaller and larger beads
Variance: Acai Beads are natural which means, some variance will happen from one to another – no two beads are the same
Pattern: the main black mark on all Acai Beads is their birth mark and the brown lines are part of the bark left on the seeds
Hole size: from 1mm to 1.5mm diameter, larger seeds will have holes – please see listing details for accurate size for each batch
Place of Origin: All Acai Beads come direct from the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil. All seeds are hand drilled and polished with recycled wood

The Acai Beads (Ah-si-ee) and are the core (pit) of the Açaí Berry fruit. The thin layer of pulp is used to make the Açaí Juice popular all over the world. We love our Acai Beads! They feel so earthy and the pattern and colors are just so beautiful. All seeds are hand drilled and the whole process is handmade from the begghing to the end. The Acai beads you will be receiving are made with love and we hope you cherish them as much as we do! Acai Beads are very unique and no two beads are the same. All Acai Beads will have a black line, which is natural in every single seed. Beads have been tumbled to give them a nice sheen, no varnish or lacquer have been used on them.

Care: Acai Beads feel very much like wooden beads. So, if you get them wet, dry with care. The best way to dry the beads is to place them over a little paper towel or cloth and let them stay there for a few hours. To give your jewelry a nice sheen, use a little bit of bees wax and spread throughout… I mean, very little! That stuff works great! You can use oils too,  just be awere that too much oil will make your beads look darker since wood tends to soak up oils very quickly. Note that color will change overtime if you get them wet often.

Please note that, all my items are photographed up close and personal, so that you can see their beautiful details. Some items may appear large than real size, so please check the measurements carefully to avoid any confusion.

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8-10 mm


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