african mud cloth
african mud clothafrican mud clothafrican mud clothafrican mud clothafrican mud cloth

Pink, Tan & Blue Tie Dye Checker Vintage African Mud Cloth, 40″ x 58″


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Pink, Tan & Blue Tie Dye Checker Vintage African Mud Cloth, 40″ x 58″ / Bogolanfini Textile from Mali, West Africa Textiles, Bohemian, Home Decor, Blankets, African Cloths

What a gorgeous piece! I personally picked this Vintage African Fabric and the color is beautiful and rich! :)) This African cloth comes from Mali and is known as Bogolanfini, which in the Bambara language means cloth & mud. Bogo, meaning earth or mud; – lan, meaning with and; – fini, meaning cloth. The word is translated as “mud cloth.” Bogolanfini is a handmade Malian cotton fabric dyed using a process of fermented mud that dates back to 12th century.

African mud cloths are labor intensive and full of history. They are traditionally hand-spun, hand-woven fabric sheets that are made one at a time. It takes several days to get one full fabric complete depending on the weather. No two pieces are the same and patterns will vary from one piece to the next. The making of a mud cloth involves fermenting iron-rich soil, dyeing cotton cloth, soaking the cloth in a leaf-infused solution, drying it in the sun, then carefully staining the negative space surrounding the design motifs with the fermented mud. Local women do most all the work on these fabrics and the designs on them usually describe their symbols and history.


This fabric here is composed of strips of fabric that have been sawn together and as pictured, it has two different color tones with a tie dye designs. This particular piece has 10 strips total sewed together with beautiful pink, tan and blue colors that give this fabric such a beautiful design. You will also notice the neon patches in the top & bottom of this fabric. See pictures for all the details! You can use it to decorate a wall, as a festival blanket, beach cover, take apart and make clothing or perhaps accessories, such as wallets, pillows or purses… the possibilities are endless! :))

NOTE: this fabric is in excellent condition, except for the small already sewed pieces shown in the last picture (See Picture PLEASE)… Fabric is 40″ wide x 58″ tall.


We suggest that you wash this fabric before using it to remove the excess dirt and dye. It will also become more soft and smoother to the touch with washing. Please test your detergent in a small piece of this fabric to make sure your laundry detergent won’t damage the fabric. Please wash it alone! On initial cleaning by any method there may be some fading. Dry flat or hang dry. Mudcloth can also be pressed using a steam iron with good results.

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