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Yellow Tagua Hollow Triangles
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Yellow: Hollow Triangle Tagua Slices, Top to Bottom Drilled


Hollow Triangle Tagua Slices are the coolest beads in our catalog. They’re drilled from the top to the bottom with a large hole in the center that allows you to add an extra bead for a fun design.

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Yellow: Hollow Triangles Tagua Slices, Top to Bottom Drilled / Vegetable Ivory, Tagua Nuts, Eco-Friendly Beads, Tagua Slices for Jewelry and Craft Making

Hollow Triangle Tagua Slices are the coolest beads in our catalog. They’re drilled from the top to the bottom with a large hole in the center that allows you to add an extra bead for a fun design. They’re very lightweight, colorfast and most importantly, they’re sustainable beads. Our Hollow Triangle Tagua Slices are made in South America by the finest artisans and dyed with lead, nickel and AZO free dyes.

Dimensions: from 25-30mm tall x 7-8mm thick x 2mm hole from the top to the bottom x 13mm hole in the center of the bead (inner diameter)

Hollow Triangle Tagua Slices come in several different sizes and shapes. Most slices have a triangular shape and the large hole in the center gives you the option to add beads for a fun design. It is also very easy to add additional holes to your slices by using a dremel and a regular drill bit. You’ll also notice that some slices will have a brown edge from the remaining nut shell, which are natural characteristics on all Tagua Beads.

Things to keep in mind:

– Hollow Triangle Tagua Slices vary from one anothe and no two pieces are the same. We can get very close when matching pieces for earrings, but since they come from different Tagua Nuts they will have a small variance.

– No lacquer or varnish is used on any of our Tagua Nuts. They’re 100% naturally polished with sand and wooden pieces.

– Eco-Friendly dyes: lead, nickel and AZO free.

– Fair-Trade: we work directly with our artisans and no middlemen are involved giving the artisans financial control over their craft.

– Lightweight Beads: go BIG and don’t feel the weight!

– Cruelty Free Ivory: the density of Tagua Nuts are very close to the density of animal ivory and by purchasing Eco-Friendly Ivory, you’re not only helping the artisans in South America, but you’re also saving the lives of “Ivory animals”. Spread the word about our Tagua, Vegetable Ivory Beads and help us save lives. To read more about our partnership, visit (Ivory Forever).

Care: To keep your Jewelry looking beautiful, clean with a damp cloth as needed. In case you get them wet, dry them slowly with a cloth and not in direct sunlight. Bees wax will give them a nice sheen and can be used from time to time or as needed.

Please note that, all our items are photographed up close and personal, so that you can see their beautiful details. Some items may appear large than real size, so please check the measurements carefully to avoid any confusion.

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