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David W.

Jewelry Design Idea Rip Offs

They Stole My Idea!

“That was my idea first” In this business or almost any business with a high level of competition, you will eventually hear the cries from someone stating that their idea was stolen. Whether it was a design knock off, color scheme copy or something as simple as h ...

2015 Tucson Gem and Mineral Show

We just finished up another trip to Tucson for the annual gem and Mineral shows.  Having missed the shows entirely last year, we were more than ready to make a trip over this year for some exploring, buying and just plain relaxing. This was the first time we had attended the ...

This is My Brave

Our Creation Partnership to start the new year is with “This is My Brave”.  Please watch the accompanying video to learn more. Here

Left Brain Right Brain jewelry Creations

Business Leader or Artist

What are you good at? One of the most difficult things to concede to is the idea that “I can not do everything”. Or at least the fact that I can not be great at everything. So often we are over flowing with ideas, but putting them into play as one big symphony ca ...

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