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  • May152019
    Sunrise at the Beach

    Where does inspiration come from?

    As I walked through my garden this morning like I do most days, I had a slow-motion moment. It felt…

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    Nature Beads
  • Oct252018
    african bone beads

    Behind pretty pictures, there’s someone. Meet Nature Beads curator!

    Meet Lilly, Nature Beads curator!   Oh, Hi everyone! I have never properly introduced myself here, nor on #Instagram &…

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    Nature Beads
  • Oct242018
    Bogolan Textiles

    What is Bogolan Textiles?

    Let’s talk Bogolan Textiles   First of all, look at these gorgeous African Textiles? As I stroll through the studio…

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    Nature Beads
  • Sep012018

    Life Lately: End of Summer Edition

      Are you having a good summer? I think we are so far. But now that we’re past summer’s mid-point,…

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    Nature Beads
  • Oct032015
    Deer Antlers

    Deer Antler Facts- Tribal Jewelry

    Deer Antlers…a few facts This season has brought tribal fashion into the forefront with a heavy push by many of…

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    Nature Beads
  • Apr142015
    Jewelry Design Idea Rip Offs

    They Stole My Idea!

    “That was my idea first” In this business or almost any business with a high level of competition, you will…

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    Nature Beads
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