Life Lately: End of Summer Edition

Life Lately: End of Summer Edition
September 1, 2018 Lilly


Are you having a good summer? I think we are so far. But now that we’re past summer’s mid-point, we’re reminded everywhere we look that Fall is coming. Well, Fall IS coming at some point, but not for awhile (at least in Florida). It’s Labor Day weekend and while I’m browsing for home stuff, I can’t help but notice the transition in merchandise. There are winter stuff and mannequins dressed in flannels and puff jackets,  and still, we’re in Florida and it is HOT as heck. But, Fall is one of my favorite seasons and that is certainly something to look forward to.


But let us have the rest of summer first.




I’ve been feeling like the first half of this year was a very extended Summer. It was hot, foggy, full of changes and very challenging. But, in the midst of chaos, I cannot hide the feeling of gratitude. Somehow I feel so grateful for all the changes that came our way and as I sit and look back, it definitely made me a stronger human. Many of you have noticed my absence for most the year, I have been a homebody for months now working on healing and watching a baby grow. It has been a difficult year, but so rewarding in a different way. While taking some time off from social media and such, I have had concerning messages from customers and friends; we’re grateful for all the love and prayers sent our way and I’m back to my loved position as “Magic Maker” here at Nature Beads and sister-stores. And, with this change of seasons, I always like to sit down and reflect on the past few months, make new plans and set goals; 2019 is definitely a year that I’m looking forward to.


Now, talking a bit about beads, jewelry and such, I know it is September and my Tucson Gem Show goodies and fun parts of our annual trip have not been shared yet and it is going live on Monday on a new post. I will also share a few pictures of my last trip to Peru and Ecuador from 2017 along with listings for the new goodies in a different post.


I hope you are enjoying the rest of summer and I’m looking forward to Fall and the Holidays.



Laila & Argo enjoying the lake on a hot summer day



Meet baby Andrew


And, back in stock: all colors of waxed polyester cording. You guys know, they’re the best in the market.



Many, many new Vinyl Beads are in stock and being posted daily. Check them out by clicking the picture below.



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Lilly & Nature Beads Team

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