Aqua Blue, Tilapia Fish Leather Skin, Suede Finish, 1 piece

Aqua Blue, Tilapia Fish Leather Skin, Suede Finish, 1 piece


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Aqua Blue, Tilapia Fish Leather Skin, Suede Finish, 1 piece / Fish Skin Leather, Fish Skin Suede, Natural Leather, Eco-Friendly Leather, Sewing, Supplies

If you’re looking for a leather material that is different and unusual, this is the perfect item for you. Our fish leather is organically produced in South America. It is made from fish skins considered as waste which are recycled from the food industry, then veggie tanned and dyed with natural dyes. Yes, they’re tanned in a very organic way using enzymes and barks. Our fish leather is chrome-free and dyed with natural powder dyes from spices and other plant materials.

I first started playing with leather when I was in college and it was a brand new product in the market. Don’t take me wrong, it has been there for centuries, but never so broadly used. Nowadays it has been used in so many ways and applied to so many different crafts.

Each skin is unique as they come from different fishes. The fish leather vary from batch to batch in color and size and even the hue of each skin will vary one to another, that’s what gives them that unique look. To ensure that you get the same color, please order several pieces from the same batch as we cannot guarantee that they will come in the same hue next batch.

If you’re taking a trip to the National Museum of Natural History, you find fish leather there as well. And, no! They do not smell fishy! Go Fish!


Material: fish leather
Quantity: one skin
Shape: it will vary one to another, no two are the same
Size: ranging from 8 to 13 inches long x from 3 to 4 inches wide x the skin is very thin giving you the same feeling like a pig belly suede or even a thin deer suede
Hole Size: no holes


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Common questions about Fish Leather:

1. What does it feel like?

I like to describe fish leather by referring to the common pig suede or deer suede. One side of the skin will be finished and the back will have the same texture as any other suede. Since the Tilapia fish skin is thin, we will have a thinner leather, but still very strong, especially coming from fish.

2. Does it smell like fish?

No. That is the top question we receive about this product. The fish leather smell just like leather. No reminiscing fish smell.

3. How can I use them?

Like any other soft leather, fish leather is soft, yet strong. Easy to cut and sew and they can also be glued to different suedes or fabric. The application is so broad that you can make just about anything from them, from shoes, jewelry, hats, clothing add-ons, etc. Just use your imagination and it will come to life.


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