Berry Purple, 5mm Deer Suede Leather Lace, 40″ strap (1pc)

Berry Purple, 5mm Deer Suede Leather Lace, 40″ strap (1pc)


Super soft Deer Suede Lace cut straight from the Deer Hide.

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Berry Purple, 5mm Deer Suede Leather Lace, 40″ strap (1pc) / Deer Lace, Elk Lace, Deerskin, Deer Hide, Buckskin, Soft Deer Suede, Jewelry Making Supplies.

I can’t get enough of the softness of Deer Suede Leather Lace. It can be used in many ways, from jewelry to art crafts, it gives you that bohemian look that is so popular nowadays. It is often used in Native American jewelry and crafts, but also perfect for jewelry wraps, dream catchers, bohemian jewelry, clothing adornment, medicine pouches, fringe and bead knotting.

This Deer Suede Leather Lace is very soft, I swear it is butter soft! The outer side of this deer leather has a nice texture of leather and the back has the suede finish. It will get even more supple as it is as the leather is worked or worn. This deer leather strap is cut from a Deer / Elk hide that has been veggie tanned here in the USA and cut in Colorado. Each strap is 40 inches long and it may vary slightly one to another since they’re cut from real hides.

❁ Details:
Material: deer leather lace
Quantity: one x 40 inches strap
Size: 5mm wide x a little over 1mm thick x 40 inches long

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