Black Faux Suede Leather Cord, 15 feet bundle (5 yards)

Black Faux Suede Leather Cord, 15 feet bundle (5 yards)


Fans Suede Cord, Vegan Suede, Microfiber.
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Black Faux Suede Leather Cord, 15 feet bundle (5 yards) / Microfiber, Vegan Suede, DIY Cord Supplies, Faux Suede Cord, Supplies

If you’re looking for a friendly leather, this is it! This cording is made from Microfiber and textured as if it was tanned leather from animals. The cording is very smooth, soft and strong! One side is leather like and the back feels as a normal suede. It will not crumble or fall apart on you as some of the “Faux Suede Leather Cord” sold in craft stores. We have been selling them for years now and have only had positive feedback. It is one of the best “Faux Suede Leather Cord” we ever put our hands on.

Material: faux suede, microfiber
Size: 3mm wide x 1.5mm thick x 15 feet bundle
Variance: color may vary slightly from batch to batch and thickness may vary a bit between spools
Quantity: 15 feet bundle = 5 yards. Each bundle is packaged individually

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