Creamy White Large Rondelle Bone Beads from Africa, 10 beads

Creamy White Large Rondelle Bone Beads from Africa, 10 beads


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Bone Rondelle: Creamy White Large Rondelle Bone Beads from Africa, 25x14mm, 10 beads / Trade Beads, Tribal Jewelry, DIY Jewelry Supplies

If you love large and bold beads, these are for you. These Rondelle Bone Beads are beautiful, not just the color and shape, but how they are made. Each of these bone beads is handmade from recycled buffalo bone and no two pieces are the same. The large rondelle bone beads are about 25mm diameter and the center of each bead is plugged with wood. The wood in the center of the bone beads can be removed as well.

The full necklaces are worn by natives as they are and they make quite a statement jewelry. Please zoom in to see their details.


Material: recycled buffalo bone
Quantity: 10 loose rondelle bone beads
Bead Shape: rondelle and please note, these bone beads are hand carved, no two are the same and might present small imperfections
Size: averaging 25mm diameter x 14mm thick
Hole Size: 2-3mm diameter on wood // bone bead hole is much bigger if the wooden plug is taken out
Color: creamy / white / off-white

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