Horse Hair Keychains, Natural Horsehair Key Ring, Brass, 4.25″ x 1 piece

Horse Hair Keychains, Natural Horsehair Key Ring, Brass, 4.25″ x 1 piece


Cruelty-free & Natural Horse Hair Keychains


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Horse Hair Keychains, Natural Horsehair Key Ring with Brass Hardware, 4.25″, 1 piece / Braided Horsehair, Natural Horse Hair Tassels, Western Accessories

I strolling through the market in the Andes when I spotted these beautiful Horse Hair Keychains and I had to take them all. These are handmade from natural horse hair and dyed with natural dyes. Plus, the braiding is a work of art. The horse hair is obtained during the trimmings, which is a natural caring process and then washed and dried. The artisan who makes these only makes a few tassels and key chains per year due to the horsehair availability.

Each horsehair keychain is approximately 4.25 inch tall including hardware and approximately 1.5 inches wide. They will make a great gift to someone you love.

The last picture shows the pieces with a number that correspond to the number list in the menu where you can pick the one or ones you love. The keychains are shipped in a kraft box and are ready to be gifted.

❁ Details:
Material: natural dyed horsehair
Quantity: 1 keychain (pick your choice)
1. total length: 4.25 inches (may vary between pieces since they’re handmade)
2. width: 1.25-1.5 inches wide
3. thickness of braided horse hair is approximately 5mm thick
4. hardware: a little over 2 inches tall, base securing horse hair is a little over 1.25″ wide and approximately 13 inches thick
5. horsehair is 100% cruelty-free and dyed with natural dyes, made in South America

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Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Keychain Choice:

#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6


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