Lemon Yellow, Ashanti Ghana Glass Beads, 14x3mm, 125+ beads

Lemon Yellow, Ashanti Ghana Glass Beads, 14x3mm, 125+ beads



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Lemon Yellow, Ashanti Ghana Glass Beads, Rondelle Spacer Beads, 14x3mm, 125+ beads / Large Hole Glass Beads, African Tribal Beads

These super fun glass beads are handmade in Ghana by the Krobo Tribe, and each strand is really unique in color selection and the number of beads will also vary from strand to strand. These glass beads have a matte finish, kinda like if they were sandblasted, but still, colors are so very pretty. I particularly love the bold shape of these beads, as rondelles or saucers as they’re called and the hole size, which is about 2mm inner diameter, allowing you to string them on thicker threads and even leather cord.

The strands are 20″ long strung in a loop as they are worn in Africa, with approximately 125 beads, but most strands will actually have more beads than that. Please note, each strand is unique! Zoom in the pictures for close-ups and further details.

Material: Ashanti glass beads from Ghana, Krobo Tribe
Quantity: one strand of approximately 20″, strung in a loop with around 125 plus beads
Size: 14mm diameter x 4mm thick x hole is 2.5mm (approximately)

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