Mustard Yellow, 15mm Vintage African Vinyl Beads, 32″

Mustard Yellow, 15mm Vintage African Vinyl Beads, 32″

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Mustard Yellow, 15mm Vintage African Vinyl Record Beads, 32″ / Vulcanite African Beads, Trade Beads, Vinyl Beads, Jewelry Supplies

This is a very unusual strand. Please make sure to check every picture for the little details. This vinyl beads strand has a dark yellow mustard tone and part of it has some dark sports. I believe it is from traveling, but I did not wash or clean it all. It is as it came to us. I believe it can be washed, but again, we love vintage strands due to their history.

They are made in Africa from a material called Vulcanite, used to make vinyl records and popularly known as vinyl record beads. They are one of my favorite beads, full of colors and history and known in Mali as Jigida beads, commonly used to shape the women’s waist. This vinyl record bead strand is shipped as shown in the pictures, strung in a loop as they’re used and traded in Africa.

❁ Details:
Material: Vulcanite
Quantity: one strand with hundreds of beads, approx. 32″
Bead Shape: flat and round
Size: 15mm diameter x 1mm thick
Hole Size: approx. 1mm diameter

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