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Shaman: Vintage Peruvian Poncho, Traditional Ceremonial Poncho, 58×63 inches


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Shaman: Vintage Peruvian Poncho, Traditional Ceremonial Poncho, 58×63 inches / Bohemian Textiles, Home Decor, Boho Fabric, South American Textiles / One of a Kind.

If you look up to the hills of the Andean Mountains of Peru, you will find so much beauty, color, and tradition; a place that is so rich and vibrates with potency. Peru has blown my mind away with its culture, loving people and oh, the colorful textiles have my heart skipping a beat. This particular piece is one of my favorites and it is the first to be listed. This poncho is big and full of history!

During our travels, we are constantly falling in love with unique pieces that we keep in our private collection, but this time I felt like sharing all these goods with the world. The pieces we gathered are so well made, the colors, the patterns; but above all, there’s a very special feeling coming from them. You can just feel the energy that takes your mind into a daydream as if you were taking a walk with the Incas in those beautiful Andean mountains, feeling the crisp air in your face and enjoying the smell of fresh leaves.

This vintage Peruvian poncho was originally used as a ceremonial vestment by a Shaman in the Q’ero Villa, a remote and far village in the heart of Peru. It has been carefully kept in neat conditions. It can be used as a table adornment or to adorn a wall, a chair or an altar. If you want to stand out in a crowd, this poncho is for you! The colors, fringe, and patterns will definitely make all eyes gravitate towards you. This is a statement poncho and it has a little weight to it as well.

The trader I got this piece from has told me that this particular Peruvian poncho has been with him for approximately 45 years, but it’s believed to be around 60 plus years. It has been through the most beautiful ceremonies and is one of a kind in design, colors, and history. Families will gift other families with their art and textiles during certain festivities.

This is 100% handmade; stitched by hand, woven in an old style loom, made of a tightly woven alpaca/wool blend, and the gorgeous colors of this poncho exemplify the range of rich hues obtained using natural, locally sourced dyes such as the cochineal insect – once considered more valuable than gold!

One of the stand-out features of this poncho is the resist-dye pattern that adorns the sides. This challenging technique, known as ikat in other parts of the world, involves tightly tying individual warp yarns according to a predetermined pattern, then immersing those yarns into a natural dye bath. Once dyed, the warp is laid out again, carefully ensuring that the order of the pattern is maintained, woven and then proceeds as normal on the backstrap loom, as the dyed pattern magically emerges! This ancient technique is only practiced in this region of Peru.

Material: naturally dyed fiber (80% Sheep Wool, 20% Alpaca fiber
Quantity: 1 poncho, one of a kind
Size: 58 inches wide (not including fringe) x fringe adorning the sides is a little over 3 inches x 63 inches high // adornment around the neck is 3.5-inch wide x 20 inches tall

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