Authentic Bogolan Mud Cloth: Cowrie, White & Black, Mudcloth from Mali, 42×64″
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Authentic Bogolan Mud Cloth: Cowrie, White & Black, Mudcloth from Mali, 42×64″


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Authentic Bogolan Mud Cloth: Cowrie, White & Black, Mudcloth from Mali, 42×64″ / African Textiles, Bogolanfini, Bogolan Cloth

Each piece of a mud cloth textile has a story to tell and we love them all. To read more about “MudCloths”, please click the link below.


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This particular mud cloth is one of a kind and what a gorgeous textile this is. It will make a gorgeous wall hanging, however, if you’re crafty and wishes to transform this beauty into several pieces, it will be perfect for pillowcases, decor accent, and even jewelry. I’d throw it on a corner of the sofa as an adornment or on a dining table; it is the perfect conversation piece. The fabric is 42 inches wide by 64 tall, composed of 8 cotton strips stitched together by hand.


❁ What’s Mud Cloth?

Oh, the beautiful mud cloths, a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. Its original name in Bambara-language is Bogalon, which translates into “mud cloth”. It has an important place in traditional Malian culture and has, more recently, become a symbol of Malian cultural identity. Bogolanfini patterns are rich in cultural significance, referring to historical events, mythology or other objects, mythological concepts or proverbs.


❁ Quick facts on Bogolan Mud Cloths:

Bogolan means ‘made from mud’ in Bambara, the main language of Mali. The Bogolan technique of dyeing and printing cotton is entirely organic and kind to the environment. It contains no harmful mordants or chemicals and it uses dried leaves and tree bark as the dyestuff.

First of all, Bogolan is the quintessential West African textile that also called mud cloth, handmade in the large part of sub-Saharan in West Africa. Mud cloths are made using small cotton strips handwoven in traditional looms in the villages. Each cotton strip of approximately 15 cm is stitched together, therefore, creating a large enough fabric that can be used for clothing and other purposes. The base cloth is ready for the dyeing process, which is made by using barks and leaves of special trees. The rich red is obtained from boiling the bark of a special tree and the yellow tones are obtained by soaking the dried and pounded leaves of another tree.

Once the fabric is dyed, it is ready to receive the mud, which is often applied with the help of a toothbrush and painted freehand or using stencils. The mud used comes from the Niger river, which goes through a fascinating process of oxidation reacting with the natural dyes, finally producing a rich black color when it has been dried and washed off the cloth. This labor-intensive process is traditionally done at the banks of the Niger river or in its tributary, the Bani. The fabric is washed and laid to be airdried under the sun.


❁ How to care for your Bogolan Textile:

The mud cloths can be cleaned with good results by a dry cleaner, machine washing or by hand washing. Be aware that some dry cleaners will not clean handmade fabrics. If machine washing, place fabric in a lingerie bag and wash in cold water using the gentle cycle and a mild laundry detergent. The water will turn dark and therefore at least initially the fabric should be washed by itself. You may have to rinse the machine before laundering other clothing. Dry flat or hang dry.



Material: Bogolan Mud Cloth
Quantity: one piece as pictured
Size: 42 wide x 64 tall

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