Fire Orange: 8-10mm Real Acai Beads, 100 beads
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Fire Orange: 8-10mm Real Acai Beads, 100 beads


Natural Eco-Friendly Acai Beads, dyed in Royal Blue. Beads are approximately 8-10mm round and note that due to its natural seed nature, no two beads are 100% the same. All beads are drilled and will fit thread 1-2mm thickness. Product of South America.

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Real & Natural Acai Beads-Seeds from South America
Size: it will vary depending on the rainy season – average batches are coming in 8-10mm diameter with some larger beads
Variance: beads are natural which means, some variance will happen from one to another – no two beads are the same
Pattern: the black mark on the seeds are their birthmark
Hole size: from 1mm to 1.5mm diameter / larger beads have an average 2mm hole
Place of Origin: Peru, Amazon Rainforest – All seeds are hand drilled!

The Acai (Ah-si-ee) beads are natural seeds and are the core (pit) of the Acai Berry fruit. The thin layer of pulp is used to make the Acai Juice used all over the world. We love our Acai Beads! They feel so earthy and the pattern and colors are just so beautiful. All seeds are hand drilled and the whole process is handmade from the beginning to the end. The beads you will be receiving are made with love and we hope you cherish them as much as we do! Beads are very unique and no two beads are the same. All beads will have a black line, which is natural in every single seed.

❁ Care: Acai seeds feel very much like wooden beads. So, if you get them wet, dry with care. The best way to dry the beads is to place them over a little paper towel or cloth and let them stay there for a few hours. To give your jewelry a nice sheen, use a little bit of beeswax and spread throughout… I mean, very little! That stuff works great! You can use oils, just be aware that too much oil will make your beads look darker since wood tends to soak up oils. Note that color will change over time if you get them wet often.

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