Hot Jellies: Enameled Cowrie Shells, Pukka Shells, Sold by each, Pick your Color
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Hot Jellies: Enameled Cowrie Shells, Pukka Shells, Sold by each, Pick your Color




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Hot Jellies: Enameled Cowrie Shells, One Shell / Pukka Shells, Shell Charms, Beach Jewelry, Cowrie Shell Charms, Seashell, Summer Jewelry

Ahhh, delighted to add some color to our shell beads and charms section. How fun are these enamel cowrie shells? We have been supplying you with natural cowrie shells for a while and these are the perfect touch of modern friendship & camp jewelry. These are super lightweight, plated with a strong and beautiful enamel color on top. You can add strings to it and make adjustable bracelets or jump rings for very quick and easy earrings.


The cowrie shell has many uses and meanings. It has shown up in the form of money, jewelry, and religious accessories in almost every part of the world. Found in the islands of the Indian Ocean, the cowrie shell soon gained popularity throughout much of ancient Africa. Spiritually, according to African legend, if you are attracted to cowrie shells you could be family to an Ocean Spirit of wealth and earth.

It also represents Goddess protection which is very powerful and connected with the strength of the ocean. Throughout Africa, South and North America, the cowrie symbolized the power of destiny and prosperity. Rows of shells have been and continue to be attached to masks that symbolize great wealth and the Royals have worn clothes adorned with them for eons. The cowrie shell is an African female symbol. Worn around the hips, it is believed to increase fertility. In today’s fashion, the beauty of the cowrie shell is seen on necklaces, belts, and bags.

Please zoom the pictures and see the details of each trim pictured above. If you have any question, please don”t hesitate to message us.

Material: enameled cowrie shells
Quantity: the listing is for one shell and you can pick as many as you wish in the menu option
Size: approximately 14mm wide x 23mm tall and NOT DRILLED »» please note that shells vary one to another, no two pieces are the same.

Additional information

Weight0.5 oz

, ,

Color Option:

White, Baby Pink, Hot Pink, Green


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