Rustic Bells, Large Copper Jingle Bells, 22x35mm, 2 pcs
  • Rustic Bells: Large Copper Jingle Bells, 22x35mm, 2 pcs
    Large Copper Jingle Bells (3)

Rustic Bells, Large Copper Jingle Bells, 22x35mm, 2 pcs


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Rustic Bells, Large Copper Jingle Bells, 22x35mm, 2 pcs /  Juju Bells, Magical Supplies, Jingle Bell Charms, Christmas Decor,  Jewelry Making Supplies

Oh, you guys are gonna love these Jingle Bells! Not only the size is great, but the calming sound of bells dancing in the air is just wonderful! They are about 22mm diameter and made from pure copper with an iron ball inside. The loop is very large (4-5mm inner diameter), making it easy to attach these jingle bells to everything you own. These Jingle Bells are rustic and will vary from one to another. These are handmade, so please be aware that they will vary slightly, but they are truly a piece of magic!

These Jingle Bells have a nice shiny copper color and two pieces have been pressed to acquire its shape, then soldered to form a bell. The listing is for 2 loose pieces. They are approximately 6 grams each (2-3 oz), made from pure copper and will add a beautiful touch to your jewelry, to your dog collar, decoration, and crafts of all kinds. Please, ZOOM the pictures to see all the details and remember folks, these are handmade and each bead is one of a kind!

Material: copper beads from India
Quantity: 2 loose Jingle Bell Beads
Size: jingle bells are average 22mm diameter x 35mm tall x hanging loophole is 4-5mm inner diameter

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